Origin Windows – Bespoke Windows

Origin Windows have an industry-unique internal and external flush casement. Achieved through combining traditional design, advanced manufacturing and versatile premium grade aluminium, the Origin Casement Window offers high levels of security and thermal efficiency while complementing any type of build.

Origin Windows Designed for You

The Origin Casement Window is available as fixed, with top or side openers and dummy sashes, meaning that the sash doesn't open, but it will match the style and sight lines of the openers.

Origin have two options in there main range, the OW-70 and the OW-80. Both offer the highest level of design and quality but have one distinct difference which is the sight lines.

Origin Slimline Window - OW-70

Designed for spaces where maximizing glass and light is essential, the OW-70 is as strong as it is sleek. Ultra-slim sight lines do not compromise on strength ensuring your home is kept secure.

Origin Premium Window - OW-80

This Origin Premium Window enhances the traditional style of 19th century timber windows. With an exquisite internal and external flush casement this origin window offers unrivaled thermal performance.

OW-70 vs OW-80

Both OW-70 and OW-80 casement windows offer a contemporary look and exceptional levels of strength and security. However, there are some key differences between the two window ranges, show in the table below.

OW-70 OW-80
Sightlines Ultra-slim sightlines of 65mm from sash to frame Slim sightlines of 91mm from sash to frame
Flush casement
External flush casement only
Internal and external flush casement
Popular colours 7016M (Anthracite grey)
9110G (Hipca white)
7015M (Slate grey)
7016M (Anthracite grey)
7021M (Black grey)
9005M (Jet black)
9007M (Grey aluminium)
9910G (Hipca white)
Natural oak
Golden oak
Marine finish Marine finish not available Marine finish available
Glazing units Accommodates double and triple glazing, with a glass unit size of 28mm Accommodates double and triple glazing, with unit sizes of 28mm, 32mm or 44mm
Aerogel Not available Available
Guarantee length Up to 20 years Up to 20 years
OW-70 OW-80

Built to last

We recogise that every home is unique and that is why each window is designed and hand crafted by us. We combine premium aluminium with precision engineering to provide you with windows that are built to last.


Even the Slimline OW-70 does not compromise on security. Like all Origin Windows & Doors they are built to the highest levels of strength and durability that these premium products demand.

The locks are all made from stainless steel with multi-point locking and fitted ti accurately align with the keeps.