As part of the James Price Group, G-span draws on over 50 years experience in the supply of high quality glass products. Today, G-span is a respected provider of frameless structural glass system solutions to quantity surveyors, architects and specifiers within the construction industry.

Internal Structural glass partitions

A toughened glass internal partition system that is attractive, flexible, and durable. G-space allows light to flood internal areas, the level of which can be controlled by the application of screen printed or vinyl coatings to the glass surface.

Cranfield University, Bedfordshire.

The G-span™ faceted structural glass façade formed from high performance, solar controlled, insulated double glazed units, provides a light and airy atmosphere to the University restaurant, while maintaining a warm and welcoming ambience.

The G-span™ glazing is securely fixed back to tubular steel trusses, via stainless steel profiled brackets and specially designed fittings that attach to the inner glass only. This creates a tamper proof uninterrupted aspect to the outer surface. The high performance G-span™ units can be built-up with 6mm performance coated outer skins and 10mm clear inner skins. All panels are constructed using toughened and Heat Soak Tested glass.

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