Steel Doors – Bespoke

Steel Doors can create a contemporary or authentic historic style. Your Doors can be as bespoke as your property.

Bespoke steel doors offer you endless choices in both structure and style. Steel / Metal doors where used extensively before UPVC and more modern door technologies where developed. But for several years now the modern client is asking for them again, Steel is an excellent material to work with and has become one of the most specified materials in recent years.

Replacing Existing Steel Doors

At times planning departments may well stipulate you must replace steel doors with like for like when you are renovating a historic property or you may just choose to replace your steel doors with modern steel. Either way James Price Structural Glazing can help you design, manufacture and install your new steel doors.

Our team of professional fitters can remove and replace your steel / metal doors usually in as little as a day.

When planning for your new doors we can help you choose from a variety of hardware such as handles, custom hinges and the glass to be used. And like most of our glazing products your door frames can be powder coated in over 150 colors.

When you choose to replace your doors we can help maintain the character of the property by manufacturing steel door frames to match what you are replacing.

We also manufacture bespoke Steel Windows.


How Much do Steel Doors Cost ?

Steel doors are all made to order so please contact us for a budget rate quotation.

Can I choose what glass goes in my steel doors ?

Yes of course, we can go through you options when we speak to you.

Can Steel Doors be automated ?

Yes we can automate any door to suit your requirements.

What colors can I have

Your Steel door frames can be powder coated in any color you like, we are yet to find a color we cant do !