Glass Links

A frameless glass link is an excellent way to provide an almost frameless link – connection between two different properties. Structural glass links can be utilised to be frameless, and link Buildings together both old & new, connecting the two structures with large panes of structural glass.

Glass links can consist of large single glass panes or silicone jointed panels fitted into minimal angles, which can be either face fixed or hidden within the structure to offer the appearance of the glass disappearing into the fabric of a building.

Double glazed or triple glazed units can be installed along with solar control coatings to meet low u values.
Minimal fixings are used to offer a modern contemporary finish. We can offer design advise on the most cost effective solutions for your project.

We can design and install a bespoke glass link  with minimal steel or glass support.

Our minimal steel frames come in a variety of specifications and can be finished in any BS or RAL Colour choice.

The glass used can meet Building Regulations, and we can also offer solar control coatings if required to help with heat gain or loss

So what exactly is a Glass Link / Corridor

In their essence a glass link also called a glass corridor is designed to join two building together with structural glass. Some of our previous clients have opted for minimal frames made from steel, aluminum and even timber but generally glass links are constructed purely with the use of high performing structural glass panels.

This can be achieved by using single pane or double glazed units which can be fixed and sealed into existing stone brick or any other building structure.