Fire Rated Glass

Also called Fire Resistant Glass, Fire Rated Glass is specialist glass that is tested and approved to provide a certain amount of protection against fire ensuring the glass can contain the fire for a minimum amount of time.

Fire resistant glass is used to prevent the spread of fire and to also allow a safe escape route as well as access for the fire service. Using fire rated glass is not only beneficial in modern architecture but may also be required by building regulations for your specific project. Fire Rated Glass  is rated based on the heat of fire it can withstand and the time it can sustain that heat for.

A variety of our Glazing range can be installed with fire rated glass and details are available on request, our team can help you select the best fire resistant glass to suit your requirements whilst also not compromising on the design and quality of your application.

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The amount of fire resistance can be increased by the manufacturing processes of the glass or by using inter layers such as silicate.

Fire Rated Options


  • Highly successful intumescent technology
  • Forms opaque and robust insulating barrier against heat, flames and fumes
  • A sodium silicate interlayer
  • Classes 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes insulation & integrity
  • Impact safety up to class 1
  • Extensively specified worldwide in timber and metal framing systems
  • Good visual and optical quality


  • Based on intumescent technology
  • Class 30 and 60 mins integrity
  • Protection from radiant heat (EW30) and added insurance of insulation for 15 minutes
  • Impact safety class up to 1

Pyrodur® Plus

  • A unique and special intumescent technology
  • Only 7 mm thick, integrity 30 minutes
  • Protection from radiant heat (EW30) and added insurance of insulation for 15 minutes
  • Ideal for internal applications in partitions, doors and door set glazed screens
  • 2 impact safety class
  • Insulating Glazing Units also available

The above options are a guide only as all our fire rated residential and glazing is all bespoke and manufactured to order.