Can I replace my Crittall windows?

Crittall windows and doors are truly distinctive and timeless, so if they are installed in your home or commercial premises you will undoubtedly want to do everything to preserve their look.

First developed in the 1880s, these iconic steel frame windows feature slim, attractive frames that never lose their popularity. But, as with every element of our property, there does come a time when you will need to think about replacing your Crittall windows. So, what are your options?

Firstly, you will need to consider any local restrictions that will determine what you can and cannot do. Crittall windows are often associated with Art Deco style buildings, but they actually feature in many different types of residential, commercial and public buildings. If your property is listed or located in a conservation area, your options may be limited and an exact (or as near as) replacement may be a stipulation. In other cases, you will be able to consider other window options which we will come onto.

A steely alternative to a leading brand

Just as the company name Hoover is synonymous with vacuum cleaners, Crittall is a brand that has become a byword for steel windows. But it is one of a number of options you have at your disposal  – there are certainly alternatives. It means that you don’t need to restrict your thinking to like-for-like Crittall replacements – several other approaches will deliver equally outstanding results.

James Price Structural Glazing offers its own UK-made replacement steel windows which perfectly replicate the beauty and visual appeal of Crittall windows. These are all designed and manufactured by our steel window specialist partner to meet customer requirements with perfection.

These bespoke steel frames provide the structure as well as style to allow light to flood into any property. Whether brand new or replacement windows, these will enhance your home in a number of ways, not least helping to reduce energy consumption, increasing security and noise reduction.

You will also be able to choose from a variety of hardware options, including handles and custom hinges, and the type of glass. And like most products from James Price Structural Glazing, our steel window and door frames can be powder coated in more than 150 different colours to achieve whatever look you are seeking.

Might you switch from steel to slimline aluminium windows?

Crittall windows don’t always have to be replaced with steel windows – providing planning restrictions allow for alternatives. But that doesn’t mean replacing slimline elegance with chunky, ugly frames.

In addition to bespoke steel windows, James Price Structural Glazing offers a range of aluminium window and door solutions that have their own visual appeal. With slimline aluminium framing, you can still minimise the window or door frame and maximise light transmission, with the frames also available in more than 150 colours.

Aluminium windows are renowned for their excellent aesthetics and with today’s advanced profile systems they offer superior thermal performance too for low energy, more sustainable homes and buildings.

And you are not constrained by size with aluminium. Such is the structural strength of our slimline aluminium sliding door systems from market-leaders Cortizo and AluK that it is possible to create large doors up to 4m wide with a surrounding frame which is as little as 21mm – this gives a virtually frameless look.

Explore your steel window replacement options 

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to replacing Crittall windows, so the best way forward is to start by talking to steel window and door specialists.

James Price Structural Glazing will guide you to the perfect solution, so you and your property can benefit fully from our experience, technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

To discuss your project or your ideas please contact us.

Linked-up thinking: How a glass link can transform your property

How do you add versatile interior space and a connection between two separate buildings that achieves the ‘wow’ factor? Simple, create a glass link. But where do you begin and what do you need to consider?

Glass links have grown in popularity over the past decade as glass technology has advanced and the range of high quality structural glazing systems available to homeowners, developers and architects has extended the creative possibilities. Once the domain of only the grandest of ‘Grand Designs’ homes, glass links are now a practical option for any home where there are two buildings that could be brought together to create a unified property.

An outbuilding, workshop or garage, for example, can be redeveloped into living space that perfectly matches the adjacent house to create, amongst other things, extra bedrooms, a home office, gym, children’s playroom or additional family rooms. We see this kind of requirement often with older properties, such as farmhouses or homes which sit amongst former industrial buildings, where there is the scope to make redundant spaces useful and – thinking longer term – increase the property’s value in the process.

Enhancing a property’s best external features

Glass links are particularly popular to bridge the gap between two character properties as the contrast between traditional and contemporary can look stunning. In such projects, the glass has an amazing ability to bring out the natural beauty of materials such as stone, brick and exposed timber and make them the star of the show.

But you can also use a glass link to bring together a historic building with a modern extension. The glass link assists with the visual transition between the old and new.

Within the glass link itself, you will be able to create a high quality, extremely comfortable internal environment. This is achieved by using technologically advanced glass which ensures the internal space is highly insulated in the colder months, yet resistant to overheating during the strongest sunshine.

What you need to consider next

Once you’ve made the decision to create a glass link, you will need to think about how you would like it to look. Start by asking:

  • How impactful do you want the frame to look? ‘Frameless’ or a design feature?
  • How much frame would you like to see versus the amount of glass? How large will the individual glass panes need to be?
  • Does the glass link need an integrated door for external access?
  • What will you use the internal space for? Will large amounts of glazing compromise privacy or enhance its intended use?
  • How high would you like the glass link to be? Remember you could even create one that’s multi-storey.
  • How would you like the joints to look? Using silicone joints, for example, reduces the visual impact of the frame.
  • How will the glass link fix to the existing building fabric? We don’t expect you to have the answers – that is where James Price Structural Glazing will advise – but this will need some thought early on.

Get the right technical guidance

James Price Structural Glazing are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of glass links. We have created numerous glass links over the past decade, helping clients to achieve their vision with a design that always seeks to balances aesthetic excellence and internal comfort with structural strength, Building Regulations compliance, and value for money.

Our glass links are designed with minimal steel framing which is available in a variety of specifications and finishes – in fact, virtually unlimited scope to any BS or RAL colour. And the glass options are extensive too, including advanced glazing that the highest levels of thermal performance and solar control.

To find out more about glass links and how they can enhance your property, please contact us via the website or call 0151 523 3131.

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Glass box blends Lakeland tradition with contemporary style

When the owners of a traditional Lakeland cottage wanted to extend their property to create a new entrance porch and a modern light-filled space that would enable them to open up the precious views of the beautiful Lake District, James Price Structural Glazing provided the perfect solution.

The 19th century stone-built cottage located in the stunning Naddle Valley near Keswick already featured a small entrance porch on the side elevation, which was great for providing easy access to the property through the side garden. However, the size and orientation of the garden presented an amazing opportunity to add the extra space that the owners sought and maximise views through the creation of a glass box extension complete with an extended porch.

The concept was to develop a 5.7m x 3.5m extension. Around two-thirds of the space would be the glass box, with the remaining area taking a more traditional building form. Distinctive Lakeland slate was chosen for the external wall structure, largely for the porch where anthracite grey (RAL 7016) aluminium windows and doors were installed.

Aluminium, slate and glass combine for outstanding aesthetic appeal

The 1.9m x 3.5m porch features a glazed entrance door and three tall, narrow windows, all of which were manufactured using advanced, thermally-broken AluK aluminium window systema. A rooflight completes the room, ensuring it benefits from plenty of natural daylight.

The glass box was created using floor-to-ceiling silicone butt-jointed double glazed units on two sides, with slimline aluminium sliding doors installed on the third elevation to allow a wide opening out into the most private area of the garden. A large rooflight allows light to fill the room, with the high specification glass used throughout to maintain a comfortable, energy efficient environment all year round.

A complete glass box extension service

James Price Structural Glazing handled all aspects of the 12-week design-to-completion project. We arranged architects drawings and liaised with local planning officers to ensure the new extension conformed to all requirements.

Once agreed by the client, James Price took the concept forward, handling everything from the initial designs through to installation and hand-over. This included preparing and setting of the foundations, the brickwork and building of the roof structure. As with all our projects, all products were manufactured in North West England by skilled windowmakers and glazing specialists and installed by James Price to the highest standards.

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If you are looking to extend your property, a glass box extension could offer you so much more than a more conventional bricks and mortar construction, orangery or conservatory.

To discuss how you could add a glass box to your home and what it could offer, please contact James Price Structural Glazing on 0151 523 3131 or email

Two new aluminium window and door options now available

The options for creating visually stunning windows and doors in every type of residential or commercial property are greater than ever with the addition of two new market-leading aluminium systems to the James Price range.

Complementing our existing and extremely popular AluK range, James Price now offers Schüco and Technal systems – two of the most respected and technically superior aluminium window and door systems on the market. It is a move that means greater choice than ever before for customers, with this portfolio providing a high performance glazing solution to suit both contemporary and traditional properties, large or small, to the highest thermal and comfort standards.

As a designer, manufacturer and installer of aluminium windows and doors, James Price provides a bespoke solution to every customer. This means the style, functionality, performance, aesthetic appearance and many other factors can be considered at the outset to ensure our finished windows and doors exceed customer expectations every time.

From casement aluminium windows, open-in and open-out aluminium windows, to steel replacement windows that perfectly match traditional Crittall windows, the options are virtually unlimited. And with 150 RAL colours to choose from on all four aluminium window systems, there is a finish to match every architectural style or design aesthetic.

Consistent across every aluminium window and door from James Price is slimness and robustness. Aluminium may not be the most widely used material for windows and doors, but it is certainly the choice that allows frames to be minimised and glazing to be maximised. The result is superb visual appeal and properties that benefit from the optimum level of natural light – an often overlooked benefit which is positive for all kinds of reasons as we covered in our ‘Let there be light!’ blog.

An overview of our different aluminium window and door systems


These German designed and manufactured aluminium systems are amongst the world’s most respected. Specified by architects and clients for high profile commercial and residential schemes throughout the UK, Schüco offers a superb quality, premium solution.


Another pioneering European brand, TECHNAL’s mission is about providing ‘constructive aluminium solutions for living architecture’ which defines every one of the window systems through objectives including functionality, ergonomics, respect for the environment and energy efficiency.


Aluminium window and door systems by AluK are inherently strong, lightweight and sustainable, providing contemporary aesthetic profiles along with exceptional performance. This is why the brand has grown globally over the past 60 years and why the windows and doors their systems deliver are so popular.

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To discuss all the aluminium window and door options available from James Price, whether you are working on a new build or refurbishment project, please contact us and we’ll help you achieve the perfect result.